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File a Police Report

Filing a police report is an essential step to keeping you and your community safe. Even if you feel like nothing can be done in your situation, police reports help determine where there is a need for service. To learn more about the details of a specific case, call SFPD Investigations at (415)533-7324.

Types of crime that must be filed at your nearest police station:
  • Residential burglaries (theft from a building)

  • Robbery incidents

  • Traffic collisions and hit & runs 

  • Stolen vehicles

  • Identity theft / false impersonation

  • Stolen license plates

  • Lost / stolen foreign passports

  • Stolen electric bicycles with serial numbers

  • Cases with suspect names or video evidence

Types of crime that can be filed online:
  • Harassing phone calls

  • Lost property

  • Vandalism or graffiti

  • Vehicle burglary: property stolen from a vehicle

  • Vehicle tampering, including vandalism

  • Some types of theft


Have you experienced a crime in District 2?

If you have experienced a crime in District 2, please share anonymously with our office so we can continue to build our understanding of crime in the district. This data will be anonymous and aggregated to help inform regular public safety town halls. Please make sure to file your incident with the police first.

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